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Our experience sessions will give you the opportunity to meet our staff, view our top-class facilities, gain an insight into the FA accredited courses and the pathways available (professional football, coaching, physiotherapy, sports conditioning or refereeing). You will also get the opportunity to train-like-a-pro and learn how our enriched program provides students with the skills, experience and qualifications to prepare them for apprenticeships, university placements, overseas scholarships or employment opportunities within the exciting football or sports industry.

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Football Development

Football is more than just playing!

Delivered by highly qualified tutors and ex-professional footballers the innovative Football Industry College provides the footpath and opportunities into higher education, apprenticeships and employment within the exciting sports, football industry.

The coach’s aims are to develop the student’s life skills, but most importantly develop the players to give them the opportunity to succeed at a Semi Professional/Professional football team. Students will gain these opportunities through showcase games organised by the coach’s to compete against Professional Academies. In addition to the showcase games, the students and players will compete in trial games in front of leading national and international scouts.

Throughout the course the coach’s will use their industry knowledge and experience to show students what pressures there are with being a professional footballer. Highlighting factors for preparation of a game, types of training which they will deliver to you the students and displaying the correct diet to consume pre and post football matches.


Our aim is to provide the highest quality teaching and learning for our students so that they can achieve their potential.

We strive to ensure that all students are supported to achieve their own individual goals and open the doors to future opportunities. We provide a bespoke curriculum which engages, inspires and challenges all our students.

We continually evaluate and adapt our curriculum to ensure we are doing the best for every student to meet their individual needs, interests and aspirations.

Staff engage and enthuse students through a wide range of learning activities which promote progress, achievement and enjoyment. We expect students to participate fully in, and engage with, the learning process so that they become responsible for their own learning. We want our students to become independent, lifelong learners equipped with the knowledge and skills they will need to become successful adults, both in the work place and in their personal lives.

We are committed to offering an inclusive curriculum to ensure the best possible progress for all our students, whatever their needs or abilities. There is a strong ethos of mutual respect, integrity and good citizenship so that everyone can feel safe, included and well supported in a caring environment that helps them to succeed.

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Semi professional & Professional Football
The coaching received from our highly qualified and ex-professional coaches, could earn the opportunity to play at a Semi Professional or Professional level through the contacts of the coaches and the showcase and trial games that are organised between the coaches at local and professional football clubs. The showcase and trial games could include the possibility of getting scouted from National and International agents.

Through the completion of your chosen education course you will be accounted UCAS points, Grade depending. The UCAS points you earn can be allocated to your ideal University Course. The Sports and Exercise Science Qualification opens numerous avenues in the sporting world to start your chosen career, whether it is football, sports coaching, physiotherapy or one of the many more opportunities available. Full UCAS support
will be given by our trained staff.

Other Higher Education Courses
The Sports and Exercise Qualification can also offer progression into other Higher Education Courses, including progression into an apprenticeship or trainee position within your desired career in the sports industry.

With our contacts in the football industry you could have the opportunity to build relationships within your work experience and showcase
your abilities to gain employment by your chosen suiter.

Overseas Education
With Education changing, more and more students are considering overseas education. Through trial games, the coaching received and the qualification gained you could earn the opportunity to join a USA scholarship programme or advance onto a higher education course in America or a country of your choice.


Students can take part in various industry ready and community Leaders Award as well as undertake work experience and be given the opportunity to run community holiday and school programs.

We offer a unique approach to ensuring the best educational outcomes from all of its participants. Top-class facilities and leading industry experts provide the perfect environment to develop and progress beyond the determined outcome of each programme. Whether higher education, employment or overseas studies are your ultimate target, we will help you get there.


Not seen what we have to offer yet? Check out our short course trailer showcasing just some of the great benefits to joining the football industry college programme.


If you think this sounds like something you would like to discuss further then please get in touch by enquiring below. We are here to provide YOU with the educationally pathway that not only allows you to develop your football skills but also sets you up for the future giving you skills that you’ll have for life.

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